Nikšić Reformed Biblical Church

Church information

  • Address: Narodne omladine 26, Niksic (roughly opposite 'Panonka') GPS coords: 42.77743056; 18.95775556
  • Sunday liturgy - 10.00 & 18.00
  • Prayer and discussion - Thursday 19.00 (email me for venue)
  • Student Bible meetings - Wednesday 19.00 (at the EUS office near 'Casa Mia')

Church projects

  • Camp Monty: this summer project started out in 2007 just as a basketball training camp, with professional trainers coming from the USA. Since then it has expanded provide English language teaching, crafts workshops and in cooperation with Niksic Football Club to provide football coaching for many different ages. In 2011 they added tennis also to the programme. In the evening there is a Bible-based programme and various fun activities. It is run by Life Impact for Eternity, whose director is Eric Murphy and usually takes place in the first week of August. In 2013, after the closure of the Hotel Onogost, it has moved to Scena 213 and the university building. Watch here for any news regarding Camp Monty 2017!
  • English language camp (End June 2019): after the first English language camp back in 2001 at the ski lodge at Vucje, we had help from students in England to organise others in the summers 2010-18 at Vucje. It is a great opportunity for people to learn conversational English with plenty of time to hang around with native speakers and play sports games, enjoy activities, cultural evenings, etc. Three days full board last year cost only €40 total. Next year's camp is due to take place in the last week of June 2019.
  • Christmas Boxes: this is a project organised and financed by Samaritan's Purse, and realised in Montenegro by several protestant churches. This has been running for many years now, and these boxes of presents are distributed to children and families during the period around New Year and Orthodox Christmas (7th Jan). These shoeboxes of presents are given by Christian families and individuals from many countries, to share their material blessings with children in this country and many other parts of eastern and southern Europe. During 2015 we were informed by Samaritan's Purse that Montenegro would no longer be one of the recipient countries, as they are concentrating on countries affected by ongoing conflicts, however for December 2018 it has been announced that there will be a smaller number of boxes (2,000) for EUS to give out in those schools in Niksic that allow us to, and perhaps at the theatre for children who have been given an entrance ticket.
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