10 Places to See in Niksic.

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Niksic Bedem
The Bedem (or Fortress) of Nikšić is one of a very few buildings standing from the Middle Ages. Built on the ruins of the Roman fortification of Anagastum, this was the centre of Onogošt, the Turkish outpost overlooking the Nikšić Field. This part of the town, very close to the modern centre, is full of old buildings, and the fortress itself, after years of neglect, has been restored to something of its former glory.
The Moštanica Bridge reputedly dates from the third century AD, when the Romans governed this region. Although the bridge has been added to and strengthened, much of the original bridge remains. The River Moštanica has largely dried up by now, as it is bypassed due to the damming of Lake Krupac and the canal going to the hydroelectric plant, but in recent years when there has been flooding the surrounding land fills up with water. There is a stepping-stone crossing over the (former) river which is largely superfluous, but for a few weeks each year when the water level is just right can be crossed.
Most na Mostanici
Trebjesa Hill is a large area of hilly parkland in Nikšić with mountain biking courses, open-air gyms and many walking paths. The peak of the hill affords an expansive view of the whole Nikšić Field, and there is even a motel nestling above a view over the town. Nikšić is really blessed to have such a large area of woodland close to the centre, and parts of it are also abundant in mushrooms, including Amanitas and Lactarii.
The Emperor's Bridge, in the Kličevo suburb of the town is a late-19th century feat of engineering, built over the River Zeta. It is named after Russia's Tsar Alexander III, who provided substantial funding for the bridge. This route from Nikšić to the Zeta valley beyond the hydroelectric plant is not so frequently used because the Nikšić-Podgorica main road is much more convenient, however it is a challenging cycling route which takes you past Ostrog.
Carev most
Vučje is a mountain just north-east of Nikšić, which during the winter months is a ski resort and during the summer is wonderful area to get away from the city heat, pick forest fruits and a starting point for many hikes around the region - including to Lake Kapetanovo (featured on this page).
Vojnik (meaning 'soldier') is the highest mountain in the surroundings of Nikšić, on the border with the municipality of Šavnik, with its highest peak at 1997m asl. There are stunning views from the summit towards Bosnia to the west and Durmitor to the north. The easiest trails are available from the road towards Šavnik, with some trail markers guiding you through the otherwise private property.
Lake Krupac
Lake Krupac is a man-made dammed reservoir to the north-west of Nikšić which has been developed into a beach and watersports resort. Last year the live music festival 'Lake Fest' was held here during the summer. While walking along the dam is a popular activity here, there are a lot of places that can be discovered by the more intrepid explorer.
The monasteries and church of Ostrog are a beautiful collection of sacral buildings about 10km south-east of Nikšić, the most famous of which is the upper monastery, nestled in an almost sheer cliff and extending back into a cave. The earthly remains of Nikšić's patron saint, St. Vasilije (Basil) of Ostrog are kept here. There are also some enjoyable hikes here, up to the top of this ridge, and there are impressive views over Nikšić Field from the top.
Lake Slano
Lake Slano - another of Nikšić's man-made lakes, and less popular with picnickers and watersports enthusiast; Slano in recent years has significantly dried up during the summer months, leaving a barren, desert-like landscape, but during the wetter months provides beautiful views, especially on crisp winter mornings when mist hugs the surface of the lake. The lake is mainly popular with anglers, especially along the dam, which can be reached by car.
Mt. Žurim - these two mountains just half an hour drive from Nikšić provide plenty of opportunity for breathtaking scenery and exercise, with some scrambling up rocks thrown in. The trails in this area are generally not marked, but are fairly easy to follow with some general awareness. This area is abundant in great walks and hikes beyond Žurim, with the rest of the Morača Mountains close by.